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Paul and Marlie Andrews

Donor Spotlight | Paul and Marlie Andrews Call it leading by example. Paul Andrews, the Western Stock Show Association’s president and CEO, and his wife Marlie’s gift will name the Fitness Center and Staff Locker Room in the Legacy Building. “The National Western Center will be a landmark of West that's poised to

Hugh Rice and Mary Schaefer

Donor Spotlight | Hugh Rice and Mary Schaefer Hugh Rice and Mary Schaefer’s gift named a fire pit on the Legacy Building’s Western Terrace in their honor. Hugh grew up on a farm, and his family’s legacy in farming reaches back at least four generations. He and his son own a property in

Daniels Fund

Donor Spotlight | Daniels Fund The Daniels Fund’s gift of $500,000 will help fund the new Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Livestock Center. “The National Western Center will be a great driver of education, tourism, and economic development for our city,” says Linda Childears, president & CEO of the Daniels Fund. “We are pleased to provide

Bohemian Foundation

Donor Spotlight | Bohemian Foundation The Bohemian Foundation’s $5 million gift to the new National Western Center was based on the Center’s and the Foundation’s shared aims of showcasing our Western heritage to enable a new century of progress in the areas of agriculture, water and animal sciences. The new Center, says Joe

Boswell Family

Donor Spotlight | Boswell Family Bob and Rhonda Boswell, along with Amanda and Chase Boswell, were among the campaign’s earliest donors – no surprise there, given their longtime support of the National Western. Their gift named a fire pit on the Legacy Building’s Western Terrace in their honor. “We hope that the new

Cille and Ron Williams

Donor Spotlight | Cille and Ron Williams Cille and Ron Williams’s $10 million investment in the new Cille and Ron Williams Yards will power the transformation of the heart and soul of the Stock Show into a multifunctional space capable of hosting a diversity of events. “The Yards mean a great deal to

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers

Donor Spotlight | Sue Anschutz-Rodgers In appreciation of Sue Anschutz-Rodgers’s major gift to the campaign, the new Livestock Center will be known in perpetuity as the Sue Anschutz-Rodgers Livestock Center. “I grew up in the West, and Western heritage has always been a part of my life and who I am,” says the

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